Apostolos Tsitsipas

The coach and father of Stefanos has been by his side since day one. When Stefanos was a young boy Apostolos recognised the talent in his son and took the risk of quitting his job to tour the junior circuit and now the world with him. Apostolos played tennis at the National level in Greece and apart from Stefanos’ coach he also is the ATP Cup Captain for Greece.

Patricio Apey

Patricio Apey spent 14 years working at SFX before starting up ACE Group in 2001.  Has over 30 years of experience and has worked with an array of athletes including grand slam champions in tennis, major winners in golf and champions league winners in football.

Patrick Mouratoglou

Patrick Mouratoglou is the person that discovered Stefanos’ potential whilst watching a video of him on YouTube in 2014. He invited him over at the Mouratoglou Academy to train and provided him with a dedicated structure around him and his dad. While Patrick isn’t considered as Stefanos’ coach, he acts as Stefanos’ mentor and offers him guidance regularly.

Kerei Abakar


Kerei Abakar is also a key part to Stefanos’ team. Kerei is based at the Mouratoglou academy and assists Apostolos and Patrick in the development of Stefanos’ game.

Nick Tzekos


Studied Marketing / management and Finance at Lander University in South Carolina 2004-2007. After graduating Nick worked in Atlanta GA for Universal Tennis Management until 2015. Nick left U.S.A. to travel the world for a year and then went to Portugal to run a tennis academy in the Algarve before returning to London where he operated his own tennis coaching business and finally joining ACE Group in 2018 where he works hand in hand with Patricio Apey in the management of Stefanos Tsitsipas.

Frederic Lefebvre


Has been working with Stefanos for four years as a fitness coach. His extensive knowledge of the body of a tennis player has allowed him to help Stefanos improve his physical condition over the years, making him one of the strongest and most endurant players on tour.

Jerome Bianchi


Has been working with Stefanos for two years as a physiotherapist. His role is key because he’s in charge of Stefanos’ recovery during his training blocks and after his matches. With Jérome by his side, Stefanos has been mostly avoiding injuries during his first two years on tour.

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